Friday, April 15, 2005

Pickle update: pickle mysteries SOLVED

Update #1:
Duchamp (aka Stefan) explains how he did it:
- make two sharpened probes out of coat hanger
- jam the probes into the rivet holes of a light socket
- skewer the probes into a large pickle lengthwise
- use a powerbar with a breaker switch as your main switch
- run some 120V

Update #2:
Believe it or not, I found out who dropped those pickles! On the last Psychogeography walk, I met a woman who knows the pickle-dropper. Her name is Dale, and this is how she explains it:
A few weeks ago, I met a cute guy named Mark for drinks. He told me this story about how he bought a big jar of pickles on a rare visit to the grocery story one sunny afternoon. I guess he was pretty happy with himself, because he doesn't go grocery shopping all that often and he was carrying quite a few bags. He was probably hungry and thinking about what he'd fix himself when he got home. I bet that jar would have been one of the first things he'd open up for a quick snack. (As an aside, this same guy once bought a really huge jar of really big pickles as a housewarming gift for some friends of ours.)

As he neared his apartment, the bags began to strain under the pressure of his many groceries. He picked up the pace, determined to get home before the plastic gave way. And then mere meters from his front door, the jar of pickles burst through the bag and fell to the ground, smashing to pieces. The sunny day, the proud shopping trip, the promise of pickles once home -- everything was completely ruined. He stood overtop of the broken glass and stared at the mound of pickles now on the street. It was sad. A jar full of delicious pickles gone to waste. But then he noticed that at least one of the pickles on top of the pile hadn't touched the sidewalk. He thought for a moment, looked from side to side, then quickly swiped the pickle from the pile and took a big bite before leaving it all behind him and making his way home.

A few days later, Shawn sent out a link to your blog to the psychogeography mailing list, so I thought I'd check it out. When I saw the 'pickles in peril' pictures, I couldn't believe it. The date that you took the pictures and the location of the mishap were just too big of a coincidence, so I sent the link to Mark, who nearly bust a gut laughing. We wondered how many of our daily events would soon be captured by bloggers and their digital cameras. Now, the fact that I have actually met you, the pickle blogger, is even more hilarious. It's crazy how small and connected the world is.
Much thanks to Dale for e-mailing me this story!


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