Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Pickles in peril

I stumbled upon the aftermath of a pickle catastrophe on Queen St. West last week:

picklecrash, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

Clearly these pickles had familiarized themselves with the appropriate picklecrash safety protocols, because they were marching away from the crash site in an orderly fashion, single-file, as you may observe more clearly in this photo:

picklemarch, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

A procession of pickles!

(I was thinking about posting this, but hadn't gotten round to it, and then Brett posted this, so what could I do?)


Blogger Paul said...

The real tragedy is that there were little baby pickles in there too.

6:02 p.m., March 17, 2005  
Anonymous Gavin said...

The baby pickles are always the most tragic...

2:51 p.m., March 19, 2005  
Anonymous ward said...

Which doesn't stop us from killing and eating them IN THEIR MILLIONS.

1:18 p.m., March 22, 2005  

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