Friday, March 11, 2005

New David Rees comic

Well, new in the sense that I just found out about it. If you've heard of David Rees, it's most likely because of Get Your War On, the political strip he's been drawing since just after 9/11; it appears in Rolling Stone as well as on Rees's website. Long before the "War On Terror" began, though, Rees was already drawing My New Fighting Technique Is Unstoppable and My New Filing Technique Is Unstoppable, which are done in the same lo-fi clipart style as Get Your War On but are more silly than satirical. Rees has gone straight over the absurdist wall with his latest effort: Adventures of Confessions of Saint Augustine Bear. As this article explains,
[Rees] has added a new, religiously-themed absurdist cartoon called “Adventures of Confessions of Saint Augustine Bear” about a bison, a bear, and a hunter obsessed with killing them.

St. Augustine’s Confessions, the canonical fifth century work celebrating Christianity, “is like the most incredibly awesome book,” he told the audience last Friday, explaining the strip’s inspiration. “So well written. You think Larry David is self loathing? He doesn’t have shit on St. Augustine.”

Sample quote from Saint Augustine Bear: "The idling of men is called business; the idling of boys, though exactly alike, is punished by those same men; and no one pities either men or boys. Holy shit, does that guy have a gun?"


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