Monday, February 28, 2005

The fine print

Last night's Room 101 Games event, held for the first time in the ground-floor lounge of the Drake Hotel (swanky!) instead of the basement (cozy!), went very well indeed, and was well-attended despite the fact that it was up against the Academy Awards. Misha billed it as "an OscarTM party for people who don't care very much about the OscarsTM". This use of the jealously-protected OscarTM trademark necessitated a great deal of fine print on the back of the program:

Oscar and "The Academy Awards" are registered trademarks of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Other marks of the Academy include, but are not limited to: Oscar Night, Academy Awards, Academy, Awards, Oscars, "Oscars", "Oscars!", Academia, Macademia, "Oscar winner", Winner, Inner, in, n, wi, sc, the lyrics to happy birthday, "Oscar Meyer Weiner", nominee, hominy, homily, homunculus, clusterfuck, ACPAS, Ozcar, "Hey Oscarino", and the distinct statuette. If you want to use these words, please complete the appropriate forms. Approval may take 6 to 8 weeks. No exemption is provided for use of these words in satirical works, private conversations, or dreams, either waking or nocturnal.

The Academy reserves the right to control the use of these words, to take legal action against those who use them wrong, and to annually heap toxic quantities of adulation upon those very few members of society who actually suffer from a surfeit of it. The Academy reserves the right to use the word "best" to mean "most treacly and moralistic". The Academy reserves the right to come into your home while you are out and to try on your clothes and prance about in front of the mirror pointing at itself and making moron noises. The Academy reserves the right to trade you a what for a slap. These rights are ensured by international law, as ratified by the MPAA. Protect the arts.

(Posted with permission. Thanks Misha!)

Games photos forthcoming.


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