Friday, February 25, 2005


Adelaide St Goodwill, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

I was bummed to learn that Goodwill will be closing its Jarvis and Adelaide location in a month or so. I love that Goodwill. Where else can you see displays like the one above? (Note the price stickers on the foreheads of all the angels. And the dinosaur. And the US flag in what appears to be a champagne flute.) Fortunately, the retail outlet is only moving to Bloor and Sherbourne. But the Buy the Pound is moving to darkest Scarberia!

The pound store is just what it sounds like: big bins of clothing at $2 a pound. Also big bins of bags, books, and shoes (see below). I believe it's where donations go before they've been sorted; it's like an archaeological dig through the raw castoffs of the city. You find the best, weirdest stuff there. I'll still go to the new location, I guess, but I'll have to take a bus from Kennedy Station to get there. Feh.

Here are just a few of the shoe bins at the Adelaide store:

buy the pound, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

Think I should've bought those plush puppy slippers?


Anonymous ward said...

you've just done it, nadia -- given us a true piece of that book you're meant to write and (why didn't i see this coming?) illustrate. god love you for posting these photos. god love you for taking them. and lastly, bless your thrifting heart! you must show us this city ... metropolis urbanadia -- let's go!

4:13 a.m., February 26, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi, i just stumbled upon your post looking for the by the pound in toronto but i can't seem to find the address. I just keep finding references to where it is or where the old one was..
I would greatly appreciate it if you could e-mail me the address (if you have it that is.. if you don't, it's no problem)

thanks so much ahead of time


5:17 p.m., December 21, 2007  

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