Friday, April 08, 2005

Glow house

Glow house. Image hosted on my Flickr site.

Another Psychogeography walk last night. This time we walked up Palmerston to see Kelly Mark's installation Glow House #3, a Power Plant-sponsored project which runs until April 23. The house is filled with television sets, all tuned to the same channel, so as you stand outside it and watch, all of the windows glow with light that changes colour and flickers continually. The above photo doesn't really do it justice -- it's all about the flickering. Walk by it at night and see.

From Kelly Mark's Power Plant bio blurb:

Another instance of the artist’s engagement with the everyday is her series of video “collaborations” with her cat. In one, Mark plays an assortment of pop and rock songs by musicians from Black Sabbath to Beck—loudly—on speakers next to her sleeping feline. Generally the animal registers little interest or reaction, rendering temporarily absurd the idea that popular music heard at high volume must have an energizing effect. In another series, Mark offers the cat an array of items to sniff, which it does with limited enthusiasm before going back to sleep.


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