Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Flickr Toronto meetup

Last night I met up with a bunch of Toronto Flickr users at Supermarket in Kensington Market. Though I'd never met any of them before, it wasn't hard to pick out the group: they were the ones at the tables littered with wifi-enabled laptops, digital SLRs, light meters, detachable lenses, etc. Also, they were the ones who were all taking photos of each other at the same time, which was hilarious to watch. Above, Carrie (Delineated) and Ken (monochromejournal) face off.

It was an interesting group: a real mix of ages, genders, occupations, etc. Everyone introduced themselves twice: with their real name, then their screen name. There was a lot of talk about digital photo techie stuff, and also about Flickr and why it works so well, why we love it and how it could be improved. Next time we might do a photo walk, or a scavenger hunt, or something.


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