Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Fish in a glass house

red fish gold fish. Image hosted on my Flickr site.

I really love greenhouses. Walking into one is like entering a quiet, separate reality, one that runs on plant time, not human time. And the air in them always smells so good. I wandered into the Allan Gardens conservatory yesterday thinking I probably wouldn't bother taking any photos, as the place is so overphotographed already, then as soon as I was in there I thought "Ooooh! Pretty! Pretty flowers! Pretty fish!" etc., and wound up taking loads of pictures. I like the reflection of the greenhouse roof on the surface of the pond in this one.

In an unrelated development, flickr has just been acquired by Yahoo, and one of the things they're doing to mark the occasion is giving all Pro users 2 free Pro accounts to give away to friends. So I now have a Pro account, thanks to the generosity of fellow Flickernaut Edward, aka holgalomaniac, who takes excellent photos around Toronto -- check out his photostream. This means I have lots more bandwidth to play around with. So if you liked that fish, here it is again:

luminous carp. Image hosted on my Flickr site.


Anonymous ward said...

fish flying inside a dirigible ...

12:19 p.m., April 21, 2005  

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