Monday, February 13, 2006

Dizzying heights, and dim spooky rooms

Sunday was what winter is supposed to be like: cold and bright, the only colours white, dark grey and vivid sky blue. I was very happy about spending it at the Scarborough Bluffs. Four psychogeographers set off from the Annex, and we met up with Sean at Kennedy Station. Transit from downtown to Guildwood Park is, as it turns out, not bad at all, and if you get off at the stop before the park, there's a strip mall with a coffee shop that sells fresh-roasted organic coffee and old-fashioned homestyle doughnuts. Fortified, we marched on the old Guild Inn. Built in 1914, it has been boarded up since 2001. It apparently boasts a maze of underground service tunnels and storage rooms, and is thoroughly haunted. We squinted through the windows at the dim interior, but didn't see any translucent people in 40s clothes. There was an old refrigerated room at the back, the door ajar; the floor was scattered with empty bottles, burnt-out tealights, cigarette butts and small ziploc bags. There's a high school right next to the park, and I bet teenage memories are made every summer in the refrigerated room. It was kind of creepy-looking; Alison said it reminded her of torture chambers seen in documentaries about despotic South American regimes.

We walked along the Bluffs, which I hadn't visited before. The view is stunning, and Himy, who's familiar with the area, pointed out spots along the horizon where puffs of smoke marked the presence of Pickering and St. Catherine's. Sometimes on clear days, he said, you can see the spray from Niagara Falls.

Lots of photos here; the light was great. Himy took lots of photos too.

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