Monday, January 02, 2006

2006 off to a good start

Orange jacket, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

So, that was a really nice New Year's. First I dropped by the Rhino, where low-key hanging out was in progress, and had a drink with Brian, Emily and Maggie. Then moved on to Jeremy and Julie's, where the party was just the right size and full of people I like: the ideal new Year's scenario. (Incriminating photos may be posted if permission is granted.) The night ended with a snowball fight on Euclid St. at 3 am (or, more accurately, with me throwing a single innocent snowball and getting my FACE WASHED OUT WITH SNOW in retribution), and then with a highly amusing ride home on the College streetcar, which at a quarter to 4 was packed with very young, very drunk revellers. Girls in tiaras and warm puffy coats, boys in suit jackets and flashy ties. Couples stood hanging onto poles and making out. Some people just stared dazedly into space, others were having conversations like this one:

Dude #1: Frank wanted to fight me.
Dude #2: Who's Frank?
1: I dunno. Some guy.
2: You shoulda fought him.
1: Nah. I'm not a fighter.

On New Year's Day, Andy cooked pancakes for Leslie and I at the posh condo where he's dogsitting an Irish wolfhound roughly the size of a small pony. Above is a photo from one of the condo's many windows, of the park where we walked the dog after brunch.

Happy 2006, everybody! A few party photos later this week.


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