Sunday, November 20, 2005


So I went to Brett's big Fall party last night. I've been reading the addictive Blamblog regularly for months, and it was great to get to meet some of the people and entities who make regular appearances there, like Amber and Zack. Zack is an excellent party dog -- very friendly, but not the jumping-up-freaking-out kind of friendly. He padded around the apartment, toenails clicking on the hardwood, greeting people, and occasionally expressing his approval of someone by lying down on their feet.

I also met Quon'dar!
I hope this does not come as a shattering disappointment to other Blamblog readers, but Quon'dar is in fact a very large, full-head papier-mache mask. At one point during the evening I saw Amber and a friend of hers from the sociology department trying to wrestle it back onto its perch on a desk in Brett's room, after the friend had picked it up to try it on but had thought better of it. "It might get stuck on your head," he observed, "which would be bad, especially if it happened right before you had to meet with your dissertation committee."

The many blogfolks present included Jen, Dave, Natalie, Merv (Brett's sister, who is actually named Merideth), Kat, and newlyweds Joey and Wendy.

The story behind Brett's strange fascination with used deodorant tubes was revealed. Apparently he used to make spaceships out of them when he was a kid, and he still keeps them, in the belief that he will someday dream up some kind of project to use them in. He now has roughly enough to make an actual spaceship, or perhaps to build low-cost environmentally-friendly housing:
His friend Dave leaned over to me and said, "This is what happens when men live alone."


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it was good to meet you too!

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