Monday, October 24, 2005

You know, that pigeon story

From my site meter, more actual search terms that have led people here to squiddity. My own comments are in square brackets:

all about what baby raccoons like
"bulge in his shorts"
"The Mystery Bird" the story about the pigeon [On Google Poland]
condom pants
squid eye
stuffed squirrel theremin
zombies invade montreal
moments & whatness [on Dutch search engine]
"Angry Teens" photos
Daccia is weird
scary pickles
squirrel footprints [You wouldn't believe how often I get this one. Who knew there was such a hunger for squirrel footprint information on the internet?]
love daccia
the dark side of cute animals
humorous alligator clipart
photos of mating kangaroos [Google Aus., of course]
pachyderm squish


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