Thursday, October 06, 2005

Anagrams of Brooklyn

Still swamped with work and not getting out much, so you get links instead of photos.

When Brooklyn's Flatbush Pavilion cinema closed for good, nobody bothered to remove the titles of the last movies that played there from the marquee, so for a long time it looked like this. Then...

Somebody got creative. And then it happened again. And again.

Poetry is everywhere!

(Thanks to Brian Kim Stefans for posting this link to the ubuweb listserv.)


Blogger ranjit said...

dammit, I walk under that marquee nearly every day on the way to the subway and I never noticed the anagrams!

1:40 a.m., October 06, 2005  
Blogger Nadia said...

And now you have had them pointed out to you by someone in Toronto who has never actually seen the Flatbush Pavilion. It's a strange world. :)

2:23 a.m., October 06, 2005  
Blogger Diamond Jim said...

The other side of the marquee reamined unchanged this last year and a half, and that's the side everybody sees because it is right in front of the most trafficked subway entrance in Park Slope. Unless you live across Flatbush Avenue or have a mail drop at the Mailboxes Etc. on the other side of the theater, you might never have any reason to see the changes. I didn't.

Ain't the Internet wonderful?

12:00 p.m., October 07, 2005  
Anonymous Jack said...

Whoomp, there it is. Again... But now it's on BOTH SIDES of the sign!

First up, Van Helsings Awol in Iran.

And on the flipside it's Hangmen on Fire/Fevr.

4:43 p.m., October 09, 2005  

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