Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Jam-packed Jam

Crowded comics jam
Another Comics Jam tonight, and man, was it packed. Look at the size of that crowd! In addition to a good turnout of regulars and a slew of Jam newbies, there was a film crew in the house, as you can see: Sl'Am Productions were shooting footage for an independent documentary on the indie comics scene. I wound up babbling in front of the camera quite a bit, and showed off my socks -- a birthday gift from Leslie, they have comic strips on them depicting a woman saying "Read any good comics lately?" in both official languages.

It seemed like everyone was gathering material for various projects this evening. Dave was busily sketching Dalton and me for a comic he plans to do about our excursion to the condom tree; he even got me to reminisce about the evening so he could tape-record me talking about it. And Brett was there, taking a lot of photos of Dave and me making extravagant and expressive hand gestures. Soon we will feature on Blamblog, engaged in a fake conversation. Turnabout being fair play, here is a picture of Brett gesturing:
Brett gestures

Brett and Dave gesturing!
Brett and Dave gesture
I don't have a fake conversation with Brett to go with these pictures, but he did remark pointedly on the slowdown in postings here on squiddity. Now seems like a good time to warn you all: Classes start next week, so posting isn't going to get more regular anytime soon! Expect to see new posts once, maybe twice a week. I'll certainly continue to blog, but I'll have a lot of other stuff to do too.

Update: Sure enough, here we are! Gesticulating!


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