Sunday, September 25, 2005

After the splashing

Dormant fountain
A fountain on campus dozes in the sun. I'm still very busy & I have a cold right now, hence the continuing lack of posts. A couple of followups to the fountaineering escapades of earlier this month:

Kyle has added a couple of pics by & of me to the Urban Oases Tribute page.

Ranjit had a remarkable dream inspired by my CNE blogpost.

Also, I saw Pretty Persuasion on Friday and I liked it. A lot of the hype makes it sound like Heathers meets American Pie, but it's actually more of a film noir than a slapstick farce. Really great casting all round, and James Woods' scenery-chewing is indeed worth the price of admission.


Anonymous ward said...

Great picture!

3:27 p.m., October 04, 2005  

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