Thursday, December 15, 2005

It's overphotographed because it's pretty


Sorry for the continuing lull... winter's just less blogworthy than summer, it seems. Today I visited the picturesque, and exhaustively photographed, Distillery District to have lunch with Emily, who lives in the condo development there. I met the kittycats, then went out for a walk in weather that began as "Oh, how nice, it's snowing a bit," and rapidly degenerated into "Why the hell am I outside in this?!" Fortunately, Soma was close at hand, with its legendary Mayan hot chocolate.

I'll be visiting the Distillery a lot more often in 2006, since I have a subscription to Soulpepper's 2006 season. Students, take note: $99 for 7 plays!

Really, just not a huge amount to report. I went to Lexiconjury on Tuesday night, but decided I have enough photos of the Cameron House up on this blog and my Flickr site already. Sharon was there, talking about a job she had as a student, working at a Salvation Army thrift shop. She got to dig through the boxes of donated books before anyone else, and often took home books the Salvation Army ladies deemed "unacceptable" and would have thrown away. These included not only racy romances and anything with a whiff of the occult, but any and all science fiction. Apparently the Salvation Army believes science fiction is evil, because "God doesn't exist in the future." So if you've got some crates of old Del Rey paperbacks taking up space in your bedroom closet, take 'em to Goodwill instead.

Here's what is probably the ten thousandth photo of that junked red vintage truck at the Distillery:



Blogger striatic said...

finally you post again. huzzah!

sure the distillery is overphotographed .. but is it overphotographed in the snow?

probably, but do those shots have the exact same level and pattern of snowfall as yours?

i think not!

11:42 p.m., December 15, 2005  

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