Saturday, January 14, 2006

Secret swing rides again

Do you know about the secret swing? You probably do -- it's not much of a secret anymore. Someone installed it in a very narrow, graffiti-filled alley near Queen West a year or two ago, and word spread quickly. By last summer, the swing had become a kind of tiny, beloved cultural institution. If you live downtown and pay attention to stuff like this, you probably tracked it down with your friends and took photos of each other riding it; or maybe you never got around to it, but you really wanted to. Mentions of the secret swing appeared on blogs and in hip guides to the city, and visitors from other cities made pilgrimages to find it.

But apparently not everyone loved the secret swing, because about two months ago, somebody cut it down. Only the chains were left, dangling in the air, looking sad and forlorn. There was much anguish, and indignation, and intense discussion of the situation on Stillepost. Then, last month, someone replaced the swing! And if you turn over the new swing seat, there's a message on the bottom saying something like, "The Secret Swing is for the People of Toronto!"

So, people of Toronto, go forth and enjoy your swing! You'll have to find it first, though.

Above, Sean, creator of the TTC Subway Rider Efficiency Guide, takes a turn.

Update: Boo, it's gone again! And it looks like it's gone for good, this time. As that story suggests, though, keep your eyes peeled for the next nifty Thing Like This. What will it be? I don't know. But this is Toronto! We'll think of something!


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