Thursday, July 07, 2005

The Screaming continues

The Scream Festival is in full swing. I'm going to be sitting the info/merch table at Eye Scream, in the Carleton Cinema, again this afternoon -- not the most exciting volunteer task in the world, but I did manage to read all of Kant's introduction to the Critique of Pure Reason when I sat the exhibit on Tuesday, so at least it's likely to be a productive afternoon for me. It is an exciting exhibit to visit and look at, so if you haven't seen it yet, do drop by.

Last night's Coach House Blingo went really well. If you've ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a poetry reading with a rousing game of bingo, I can tell you: good times! I even won a prize during Margaret Christakos's reading. My prize pack included a copy of Secret Wars by Oneida, kindly donated by Three Gut Records. Also a copy of Margaret's book, a Rice Krispy square and a scary pair of earrings purchased at the Dufferin Mall.

Upcoming Scream events that will be well worth your precious time include: Sheila Heti's full-length reading of Ticknor over dinner. Last night Maggie and I came up with an idea for the Worst Scream Event ever: a full-length reading of Moby Dick. We figure we will lock Darren O'Donnell in a room with a copy of the book, audience members will be allowed to wander in & out, and the reading will take about 4 days. Possibly Darren will be naked. This will never actually happen. Sheila's book-length reading, on the other hand, a) will actually happen, and b) will be fun. Buy tickets now! Also, the Gala, featuring Luther Wright and the Wrongs, will happen Saturday night at Hugh's room. Pick out a party dress (or a nice shirt, if you are a boy) and swing on by! And, of course, do not forget the Mainstage on Monday, starting at 7:00.

On a poetry-related, but totally Scream-unrelated note: Leon Rooke, longtime head of the Eden Mills Writers' Festival, has written a number of novels, short story collections, etc, but the brand-new Hot Poppies is his first volume of poetry. I like this one a lot, it keeps coming back to me while I'm reading Kant:

Between the general
and the specific
I'll take the general.
You're excluded
because you're my honey.


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