Monday, June 20, 2005

Baby raccoons!

Baby raccoons!, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

More news on the small furry animal front: I got home late last night to find, in the courtyard of my building, a litter of four or five cuddly little raccoons hanging out. They ambled off in different directions when they saw me, so I wasn't able to get a pic of them all together, but I did get these two going up a tree. Bad news for my co-op's property management, I'm sure, cute!


Anonymous ward said...

whatever you do ... don't take one home! my friend eva-marie did once and boy, was she sorry ... (she was also, like, 5).


12:31 p.m., June 24, 2005  
Blogger Nadia said...

I didn't need to take them home! I was already home! They were right outside my apartment!

7:21 p.m., June 24, 2005  
Anonymous ward said...

yeah, but, you *wanted* to ... "just step inside, my purry little fur-ball" ... (2 days later) ... "my how you've grown!" (a week later) ... "and what big, sharp, pointy teeth you have" ...

on the plus side, you'll never need to buy a garborator ...

11:14 a.m., June 25, 2005  

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