Saturday, June 18, 2005

I ain't got no money and I ain't got no boyfriend

So it seems like all the cool kids are talking about this new Gentleman Reg video, "The Boyfriend Song". Carl mentioned it, and there's a thread on Stillepost about it. It racks up some kind of ridiculous all-time high score of hipness points: Reg has played in Broken Social Scene and the Hidden Cameras! And the video was directed by that guy from Broken Social Scene! And shot by that guy who did those videos for The Arcade Fire and The Stars! And it was inspired by the Paris Hilton sex tape and shot in night vision! And it's full of ambisexual indie-rock kids making out in their underwear!

Curious, I finally went and watched it...and then played it again, at top volume, about fifteen or twenty consecutive times. This may be my official theme song of this summer. And I like the way everyone's pupils glow in night vision. Anyone know if Soundscapes has any more copies of Darby & Joan?

Update: I did run out and get Darby & Joan, and the whole disc is that good. RECOMMENDED.


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