Sunday, June 19, 2005

Among the Dutchest things ever

This is a drum kit made of cheese:

Drum kit made of cheese

And this is a crazy Dutchman playing it:

Bennink drums cheese 2

Note the wooden shoes.

The drum kit was made by Dutch artist Walter Willems for Demons Stole My Soul: Rock 'n' Roll Drums in Contemporary Art, the current exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art. Willems built it specifically with drummer Han Bennink in mind, declaring that, as a work of art, it would not be "finished" until Bennink played it. More photos of the finishing of the piece here, as well as a couple of pics of Bennink, on a conventional metal drum kit, jamming with saxophonist Brodie West.

Update: A detailed review of the show is up at Hey, that photo looks familiar! :-)


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