Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The obligatory "search terms that led people here" post

Courtesy of my site meter, here are some of the search terms that have led people to this blog since I started it, beginning with the most recent. My own comments are in square brackets.

dassie cute [Google South Africa]
small furry animals squish
chien bagel
squid poetry
awesome things to say to a boyfriend [BEST. SEARCH TERM. EVER.]
clipart man peeking
theremin toronto
tiny dancer - meaning
child mannequins
disco beaver from outer space
what clipart does david rees use
the motel strip toronto
underground poetry
strap on dildo
kestrel pickle jar
best boggle ever
"a place to stand" lyrics ontario
"inexplicable" [Google Greece]
Misha tentacles
metis crokinole
I e-mailed Misha about that second-to-last one, wondering, "What do you suppose they were looking for?" He replied, "My tentacles, obviously."


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