Saturday, May 19, 2007

So that's where they went

Last Saturday, in Etobicoke, on the bus that took us to the subway station, there was an angry bearded man yelling into his cellphone. At least, we initially thought he had a cellphone. Dylan was the first to notice that the man was just holding his hand up to his ear with his thumb and pinky extended. At first I thought I'd misheard what the man was saying, but he kept yelling the same thing over and over, so there was no mistaking it:

"I got sidetracked, and I left my socks in a tree! I am disturbed in my mind! And I LEFT MY SOCKS IN A TREE!"

The next day I took the Performance Bus up to the Koffler Gallery to see the "My Square Foot" exhibit. (More on this later.) 3 of the 4 artists in the show were also on the bus. It's quite a long ride from OCAD to North York, and some of the artists brought refreshments to share, because they are nice like that.

Jon Sasaki: I have a bag of sesame cookies, does anyone want one?
Kathryn Ruppert-Dazai: I have a big pack of gum, if anyone wants some.
Seth Scriver: I have a bag full of socks!

It was true, he did. A lot of socks. If you are missing socks and you can't figure out where they went, they might be in Seth Scriver's duffel bag. Unless you left them in a tree.


Anonymous Laura said...

Ha! It comes full circle.

After you, Dylan, Liz and Charles got off at Dundas West, some drunken Toronto FC soccer hooligans came into the subway car. They got into a passionate debate with the man who left his socks in a tree... about the merits of "astro turf versus real grass". The sock-less man is a STRONG proponent of open air stadiums and real grass.

11:01 p.m., May 19, 2007  

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