Sunday, May 13, 2007

High upon the church grounds

Sunset on church grounds
Tons of pics from this weekend to upload, but I thought I'd get these stragglers from last weekend up first. After our visit to the donkey sanctuary, we went to Guelph for burgers and beer (and nostalgia -- Alison and Jamie went to Guelph U). These are photos of Our Lady Immaculate Church, in the heart of Guelph. (The church itself is completely encrusted with scaffolding right now and is not very photogenic, so you get pics of the grounds and a closeup of the facade.) The great cultural significance of this particular church is that its grounds are where the young folks of Guelph go to drink and smoke up. If you're talking to someone who went to school in Guelph and they start reminiscing about evenings spent "up by the church" (which they probably will), this is that church. It has even been immortalized in the Hidden Cameras song "High Upon the Church Grounds." (The audio stream of this song on that page doesn't seem to work anymore, but you should click the link anyway to see the terrific animated video for "Death of a Tune".)


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