Wednesday, May 09, 2007

When someone saves your ass, this is where it ends up

OK, I'm back again! With pictures of donkeys!

An ass behind another ass's ass

On Sunday, Alison and Jamie and I went on a road trip to the Donkey Sanctuary of Canada, near Guelph. You wouldn't think Canada would need a donkey sanctuary. We were joking about it on our way down. DONKEY ABUSE: OUR NATION'S HIDDEN SHAME. But apparently donkeys fall victim to the same problem that affects many other pets: people buy them for their kids as cute little foals, and then neglect them as they get bigger & turn out to be a lot of work. Also, they're still used as work animals in rural areas, and sometimes their owners overwork & mistreat them. Over 50 rescued donkeys, mules and hinnies currently live at the Donkey Sanctuary. ("When a male donkey is bred with a female horse, the offspring is called a mule. When a male horse is bred with a female donkey, the offspring is called a hinny." Just one of many fun donkey facts on the Sanctuary's website!) Also, sheep and goats.

You can go right in to the barn and fields with the donkeys, and scratch their ears and groom them with brushes. They're very docile and friendly. One donkey decided it looooooved Alison & put its head on her shoulder:

Donkey luv!

If your nerves are frazzled from Toronto living, I highly recommend a road trip to the Sanctuary, especially if the weather is gorgeous like it was on Sunday. The rolling farmland is lovely and tranquil to look at and wander through, and the donkeys are usually snoozing or grazing, and it is all so relaxing you could fall asleep standing up.

Sheep may safely graze.

Click here to see more photos.


Anonymous Kathryn said...

so on a group camp-out, the professional firefighter in our group takes over our slow "democratic" fire-building efforts, and pulls out this large calendar featuring donkeys and proceeds to fan burning tinder to get our fire going. Naturally, the group falls over in hysterics. His firefighter coolness blown, he shrugs and says something about taking his wife and kids to a donkey sanctuary.

8:29 p.m., April 13, 2008  

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