Friday, December 08, 2006

The Kraken wakes

Or, at least, rolls over and mutters something in its sleep.

Sorry about the unscheduled month-long blog hiatus. It's been a busy term. Grading and essay-writing are dragging on, and I just haven't been getting out much. I will be back, though! More squidness soon!

Interesting news tidbit: One of my photos appears on Rolling Stone's Rock and Roll Blog today, illustrating a story on "annoying rock cliches". It's a pic from the Arch Enemy show I went to with Bill last year. I don't find the devil horns particularly annoying or tired, but I might feel differently if I'd been to more than one metal show in my life. Briefly today, my photo was the first thing you saw if you went to the frontpage, which is just not somewhere I ever would have expected a photo of mine to be. Rock on!


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