Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hallowe'en walk

Footbridge at night, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

We wanted to walk somewhere spooky on the last Psychogeography night before Halloween, so we started at Davisville station & wandered along the perimeter of Mount Pleasant Cemetery. But that wasn't nearly the scariest part of the walk.

We found the nifty semi-covered footbridge pictured above, then went under it into the Rosedale ravine, which we followed to the Brickworks, where we've walked before. Looking for an area of the Brickworks that we hadn't explored, we followed a trail up the perfectly hill-shaped hill next to the ponds. There was a spectacular view of the night cityscape from the top of the hill, and as we followed the path, it kept getting better and better. Presently, however, we realized a) we were awfully high up, b) we were in a small forest without flashlights & it was very dark, and c) it would be difficult to retrace our steps, as we'd blundered down some steep and mud-slippery inclines that would be much harder to go up than they'd been to follow down. We looked at the steep drop before us, the lights of the bank towers in the distance. We were in Toronto: how lost could we be? But how were we going to get down?

We could see the lights of houses behind us, so we pushed through the underbrush towards them. A flagstone footpath appeared! We ran along it, alongside someone's house, and emerged onto a posh street in the heart of Rosedale.

In Rosedale, many houses had elaborate Halloween displays up already: life-sized wooden coffins lay on lawns, zombie grandmothers rocked in chairs, gremlins infested well-trimmed trees. We've walked in other wealthy neighbourhoods, but only in Rosedale would you see an SUV, a lime-green VW bug and a SmartCar all in the same driveway.

On a completely unrelated note: Click here to hear the song I am currently addicted to. Now you can be hooked too! I bought the CD, and it's really good.


Blogger Jamie said...

Or a house that looked it had a "play" button for a window :)

12:46 p.m., November 01, 2006  
Anonymous alison said...

The scariest things -
1)pitch black path
2)disappearing path on the hill
3)ghost (see below)
4)ending up in jane pitfield country.


1:02 p.m., November 02, 2006  

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