Friday, September 29, 2006

Inside the floating classroom

Pod reflection
Yesterday, some Psychogeography regulars (including me) led a pair of groups of students from the University of Toronto's Hart House to the Gladstone Hotel. On the way, our group detoured to investigate the new Leslie L. Dan Pharmacy Building. You may remember that some of us wandered onto the construction site & discussed the building-in-progress with a helpful security guard last winter. The building is finished now, and at night the giant white pods are illuminated in brilliant colours. The higher one, apparently a staff cafeteria, is inaccessible, but the lower one is a classroom, and it was open! Here is what it looks like inside:
Inside the pod
It made me think of a CBC sound studio from about 1975. It's a room with no windows or straight lines and a kind of old-school sci-fi feel to it, like a classroom aboard the Starship Enterprise. More pics.

Tomorrow is Nuit Blanche! I am so stoked! There will be photos!


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