Sunday, March 20, 2005


PUBLICity. Image hosted on my Flickr page.

Last Thursday, Leslie and I dropped by the opening of PUBLICity, a show at the Toronto Free Gallery featuring the work of several Toronto photobloggers. Most of the photos in the show can also be viewed online, but the exhibit is certainly worth checking out. I particularly enjoyed Adam Krawesky's wall of 3"x5" photos of street life. Seeing the photos all together like that is a much different experience from seeing them on the website, and the display made me rethink my aversion to tiny prints.

Bonus: if you go to the gallery you'll also see the mini-exhibit by Marlena Zuber, in the "24-hour gallery" in the front window. Marlena's "map" paintings look like '50s Cubist abstractions which tiny people have climbed into and made their homes, and the accompanying journal pages give them added meaning and dimension. Check out her website, too -- really lovely stuff.


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