Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birds, cats, fluffy white clouds


I know it's been a month, but this blog isn't dead, it's just resting! I'm going to two conferences in the fall, and I'm pretty busy these days making travel arrangements & working on my presentations. Keep me in your RSS feed and hopefully you'll see photos from England and Texas later this year.

I did get out to the Islands yesterday, to enjoy the first decent weather in what feels like weeks. Ward's Island is still my favourite place in Toronto to spend a sunny day: cats, bicycles, little cottages, a nice pecan tart at the cafe. It appears to be poplar fluff season on the Islands right now: see photo below. Is it poplars that produce all that fluff? It's everywhere you look: on the ground, in the air, in the water, where the geese and ducks graze on it happily.

Also, I saw several brilliant orange songbirds, and wondered what they were. I thought they might be scarlet tanagers, but they had black heads, and tanagers don't, as a quick Google search revealed. Some more Googling, and I figured out they were Baltimore orioles. So pretty!

More photos here, though none of the orioles -- they're too quick for me.

Fluff in shrubbery

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OpenID easternblot said...

What a good idea! I should go to the islands. But now it's almost the long weekend, and it will be full of people. (Although most of them seem to be on the Centre Island ferry. I always go on the Ward's Island ferry, even if I actually need to be on Centre Island. It's so much better!)

7:42 p.m., June 26, 2008  

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