Monday, March 31, 2008

The part of Buffalo with people in it

Vintage shop

I was in Buffalo again on Saturday with Jamie, Alison and Hilary. We didn't get to poke around inside Buffalo Central Terminal like we did last time, but we did see a fantastic exhibition by Jennifer Steinkamp at the Albright-Knox Gallery -- huge dim pillared rooms awash with gorgeously coloured, precisely rendered video projections. Many of the pieces use multiple projectors, so that odd things happen to your shadow as you move around the space. Go, if you get the chance.

Also, this time we saw a fair number of actual Buffalonians. They were out enjoying the sunshine in the Elmwood neighbourhood, which, as I'd been told, turned out to be a pleasant place to walk around, full of nifty shops like the vintage clothing place pictured above.

We also went back to that massive Wegman's we visited last time, because we cannot get enough of the strange exotic American groceries. This time we found -- on sale -- butter lambs, a Polish Catholic Easter tradition, apparently, manufactured every spring for nearly 50 years by the Malczewski family of Buffalo. Here is a photo of a lamb made of butter:

A lamb made of butter

Click here for more photos from the supermarket and an enormous mall we also explored.

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Blogger Jonathan said...

Did you see Steinkamp's "Loom" when it was at the AGO a couple years ago? I wish they had installations like that more often.

2:32 a.m., April 03, 2008  

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