Monday, July 30, 2007

Birthday weekend

I had a really great birthday. Some highlights:

I had an excellent dinner with Leigh Anne at La Palette on Friday, the night before my birthday. That night, I had a dream in which I was given a $1,000 gift certificate for a wonderful cafe/restaurant/bookstore. Also, there was a very well-dressed tiny person who lived in my purse and gave me useful and insightful advice.

On Saturday, brunch with Alison at the Red Tea Box, where we had these very pretty cakes:

Pretty cakes

In the evening, drinks with a crowd of good friends on a nice leafy patio. Serife gave me a sunflower! Andy gave me cookies from Queen of Tarts!

Sunday, it was warm and sunny and Leslie took me on a drive to Presqu'ile Provincial Park. We drove through lush green farmland and saw a lot of farm animals, including a herd of white goats, clustered on a kind of tiered climbing/feeding structure so that they looked like a goat wedding cake. We had club sandwiches and coffee at a roadside diner, and then splashed around in Lake Ontario and lay in the sun on the broad sandy beach. On the way back, we bought fresh raspberries from a stand.

And then in the evening: THEREMIN!

A performance by New York-based theremin virtuoso Dorit Chrysler at Mercer Union.

Dorit Chrysler live at Mercer Union

This is the second time I've posted a photo of a woman playing a theremin. (Longtime Squiddity readers may recall this picture of Margaret Atwood.) There is a reason for this. Can there be anything cooler than a woman playing a theremin? I think not.

And so, here is a picture of me playing a theremin!

Me vs theremin 2

Ms Chrysler was kind enough to let audience members try her instrument out after her performance. It was my first-ever hands-on theremin experience! (My thanks to the woman in black who took these pictures for me, but whose name I did not get.)

Also: During my walk home, I walked past a fire station, and a cute firefighter said hello to me.

More theremin photos here.


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