Sunday, June 25, 2006

Upcoming events

The Scream Literary Festival is fast approaching once again. In addition to a fantastic mainstage lineup on Monday, July 10, there will be a week's worth of smaller happenings, including: the annual book-length dinner reading (this year it's Lisa Robertson reading The Men at Bar Mercurio), the Eye Scream art exhibition (at The Embassy, on Augusta), and a walking tour of Kensington Market, at which various people -- possibly including me! -- will read original and cover texts about the neighbourhood. Also: the headliner at this year's gala is Gentleman Reg! I'm so pleased!

Also happening the weekend of July 7-8: Wade, a festival of performances and art installations in wading pools located in public parks around the city (including the pool in Dufferin Grove Park, which is decorated with cave-painting-like dino-fish like the one above). Wish I could make it; if you're not going to be consumed with Scream stuff that weekend, you should check it out!


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