Monday, June 19, 2006

Stories, no pictures

Went to Room 101 tonight. Two things happened that I should have gotten photos of, but didn't:

I sat down to play Apples to Apples with a group of people that included a white-bearded man wearing a vintage 1970s cartoon t-shirt. Unlike most of the people who wear such t-shirts in the Drake Hotel, he had probably bought it in the 1970s and been wearing it regularly ever since. On the table in front of him were perfect, intricate origami reproductions of a Concorde and a butterfly, folded from bits of the Drake's monthly event guide, each about three inches long. "Wow," I said. "Did you make those?" His friend said, "His origami is famous. It was on the cover of a book once."

After the games, I was walking along Queen St with Liav, and he was just telling me about an inventor who has spent years trying to perfect a formula for coloured bubbles, when suddenly, the pavement around us was spattered with blue foamy gobs. We looked up. There appeared to be an Imperial Snow Walker sticking out of the second-storey window above us. After a moment, a twentyish hipster dude stuck his head out next to it.
"Um, is that an Imperial Walker?" said Liav.

"It's an AT-AT, yeah," replied the dude cheerfully. "I rigged it to shoot shaving cream!"

"Excellent," I said to the dude.

"I love my Star Wars toys," the dude said.

"Sometimes the city just seems very generous to me," said Liav to me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The brand name for colored bubbles is zubbles. (see

There's a good written account of the inventor's trials and tribulations in popular science.

anyway there's a local (toronto) twist in that spinmaster has licensed zubbles.

3:23 p.m., July 07, 2006  

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