Thursday, September 18, 2008

England, part 2: Canal, houseboats, friendly cat

I had one full day to explore Oxford before the conference began. I didn't have any kind of plan, but Oxford's pretty small, and I figured it wouldn't be hard to find things worth looking at. I was really jetlagged, but, bolstered by that impressive hostel breakfast, I went out and started walking.

Almost immediately I happened upon the Oxford Canal. Did you know Oxford has a canal? And it's lined with houseboats!

I walked along it for awhile, taking pictures of the houseboats. I saw this cat perched on one of them & tried to take a picture of that, but as soon as the cat saw me, it hopped down onto the path and presented its belly to be rubbed, and then it followed me for awhile, purring.


More houseboat pictures here.

Next: Museums!



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