Friday, August 17, 2007

I have the only copy of Therefore Repent! with a squid in it

Went to the launch last night of Jim Munroe and Salgood Sam's new graphic novel, Therefore Repent!. It's about an oddball Canadian couple adrift in a post-Rapture Chicago where everyone is developing magical powers, dogs speak in the voices of the dead, and a merciless angel militia is roving around and mowing people down with assault weapons. Look what Jim & Sal wrote in my copy:

Bonus squid

Hee! Pick up your own copy at TCAF this weekend.

Speaking of militias, I was stumbling home sometime well after 1 am (following many beers with Comics Jam people) when, across the street from my building, my way was obstructed (as frequently happens around here) by a film shoot. This new Incredible Hulk movie has basically taken over my neighbourhood; apparently if I paid attention I might see Ed Norton wandering around dressed like a pizza delivery boy, though I doubt I'd recognize Ed Norton if I tripped over him. What I saw last night was dozens of people milling about on the lawn, with a lot of huge lights and trucks and trailers and whatnot. When I tried to walk around it all, a perky blonde with a clipboard said, "Could you wait just a moment? We're about to roll," and then someone somewhere yelled "ROLL," and a number of tanks, as well as a platoon of American soldiers in battle fatigues and camo facepaint, stormed up from College Street and laid siege to the front entrance of the Koffler Student Centre. So, you heard it from me: Incredible Hulk has tanks and soldiers in it. I'm guessing no squids or gay angels, though.

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