Saturday, June 23, 2007


Ghostly bp

I photographed this faintly luminous apparition of bp nichol at the Coach House last week, as Steve Venright and I scouted for locations for our Scream Festival event, "Poets in their Natural Habitat: A Field Trip." If you're free around lunchtime on July 7, come to the Coach House and let us lead you on a poet-watching ramble round the Annex. As our blurb explains, "Many Scream events feature well-known poets in captivity. This event offers you the rare opportunity to observe wild poets in their natural habitats!"

I've just uploaded a backlog of photos on Flickr, if you want to go look. There's a set of pictures from Paul Jay's bachelor party, which was laid-back, devoid of obnoxiousness, and mostly involved Paul, his friends, and his many brothers playing bocce in a park. Paul's getting married in a week! Also, a few pictures from a Psychogeography walk where we investigated Luminato installations at Union Station and Harbourfront.