Monday, February 14, 2005

Sunday night fever

Why were there so many people out on Queen West last night, on a Sunday in the middle of February?

It was the first time I'd been to a Room 101 in a few months, and the Drake Underground was packed:

Room 101, Feb 13 '05, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

There were barely enough games to go around, despite the fact that there were loads of new games. One, the name of which I didn't catch, was described as "kind of an Indian crokinole" (the large pale square visible in the above photo); another was a German game called "Hamster Wheel":

hamster rollen, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

We were all intrigued by the wheel and the little multicoloured blocks, though I don't think anyone was able to puzzle out the oddly translated rules.

Afterwards a bunch of us went to Kick Ass Karaoke at the Rivoli, which was also packed to the rafters. KAK is always a good party, and surely the only karaoke night in town where you can see both 1) girls dancing on the bar, and 2) a guy with an accordion:

karaoke accordion, originally uploaded by squiddity of toronto.

That's what the Stone Temple Pilots were missing all along: an accordion. Somebody alert Scott Weiland. I'll never hear "Interstate Love Song" the same way again.

Edited to add: After I posted this, I got an e-mail from Misha saying, and I quote, "That's not just some guy with an accordion. That's Accordion Guy." Well, now I know.


Anonymous Paul said...

I believe the game was called "Carrum". Given its emphasis on manual dexterity, I recall sucking quite badly at it.

Nice friendly blog you have here. My basketball blog doesn't have nearly as many comprehensible sentences. But the spambots come anyway.

12:41 p.m., February 15, 2005  

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